Contributions to Mathematical Fuzzy Logic

školitel: Ing. Petr Cintula PhD. and Carles Noguera PhD.
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typ práce: bakalářská práce, diplomová práce
zaměření: MI_MM, II_SIMI
klíčová slova: mathematical fuzzy logic, nonclassical logics, reasoning with vagueness and imprecision
popis: Originating as an attempt to provide solid logical foundations for fuzzy set theory, and motivated also by philosophical and computational problems of vagueness and imprecision, Mathematical Fuzzy Logic (MFL) has become a significant subfield of mathematical logic. Research in this area focuses on many-valued logics with linearly ordered truth theories and challenging problems, thus continuing to attract an ever increasing number of researchers. Many (currently active or potential) research lines in the framework of MFL start from very elementary and accessible foundations and evolve into deep mathematical developments, and thus conform a suitable and fertile area for the training of bachelor and master students. Possible theses can focus, among others, on the algebraic semantics of fuzzy logics, their proof theory, computational complexity, functional representation, game-theoretic interpretations, first and higher order formalisms, arithmetical hierarchy, or several application-driven extensions.
literatura: [1] Petr Cintula, Petr Hájek, Carles Noguera (eds). Handbook of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic. Studies in Logic, Mathematical Logic and Foundations, vol. 37 and 38, London, College Publications, 2011. [2] Siegfried Gottwald. A Treatise on Many-Valued Logics, volume 9 of Studies in Logic and Computation. Research Studies Press, Baldock, 2001. [3] Petr Hájek. Metamathematics of Fuzzy Logic, volume 4 of Trends in Logic. Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1998.
poznámka: Particular topic would be decided after an interview with the potential student.
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