Numeration 2016

May 23–27 2016
Czech Technical University in Prague


Electronic version of proceedings is available: jn16_proc.pdf.

List of Accepted Papers

  • Myriam Amri
    Digital Functions and Largest Prime Factor of an Integer
  • Simon Baker, Derong Kong
    Unique expansions and intersections of Cantor sets
  • Simon Baker, Rafael Alcaraz Barrera, Derong Kong
    Topological Transitivity and Entropy Unique β-expansions
  • Simon Baker, Zuzana Masáková, Edita Pelantová, Tomáš Vávra
    Eventually Periodic Representations in Positional Number Systems
  • Christoph Bandt
    Kneading sequences, Bernoulli convolutions, and β-numeration
  • Anne Bertrand
    Rauzy Tilings in the Light of Uniform Distribution: +β Case and −β Case
  • Dávid Bóka, Péter Burcsi
    Reconstruction of Matrix-based Numeration Systems from Some Expansions
  • Marta Brzicová, Christiane Frougny, Edita Pelantová, Milena Svobodová
    On-line Mutliplication and Division in Number Systems with Complex Bases
  • Émilie Charlier, Wolfgang Steiner
    Permutations and Negative Beta-shifts
  • Francesco Dolce
    Return Words and Palindromes in Specular Sets
  • Jordan Emme and Alexander Prikhodko
    On the Density of Sets Dened by Sum-of-digit Function in Base 2
  • Aviezri S. Fraenkel
    Numeration Systems and Their Uses
  • Christiane Frougny and Edita Pelantová
    Beta-representations of 0 and Pisot numbers
  • Kevin G. Hare
    Base d Expansions with Digits 0 to q−1
  • Péter Hudoba, Attila Kovács
    Some Improvements on Number Expansion Computations
  • Maria Rita Iacò
    Two Properties Related to β-expansions
  • Hitohito Inoue, Shoichi Kamada, Koichiro Naito, Keisuke Shiromoto
    Simultaneous Approximation Problems and Knapsack Cryptosystems in p-adic Numberlands
  • Jonas Jankauskas
    Pisot–Salem Numbers, Interlacing and {0,1}-words
  • Kan Jiang
    Multiple Expansions of Real Numbers with Digits Set {0,1,q}
  • Vilmos Komornik, Marco Pedicini
    Critical Bases for Ternary Alphabeta
  • Daniel Krenn, Volker Ziegler
    From Redundant Digit Expansions via Continuer Fractions to (Non-)minimal Expansions
  • Tamás Krutki, Gábor Nagy
    On Simultaneous Number Systems with 3 Bases
  • DoYong Kwon
    Sturmian Word and Cantor Set Arising from Unique Expansions over Ternary Alphabets
  • Manfred G. Madritsch, Izabela Petrykiewicz
    The Hausdorff Dimension of Non-normal Numbers
  • William Mance
    Normality of Different Orders for the Cantor Series Expansions
  • Attila Pethő
    Algorithmic Theoretical Questions on Canonical Number Systems and Shift Radix Systems
  • Nair Radhakrishnan
    On Distribution of Subsequences of the Natural Numbers on the p-adic Integers
  • Johannes Schleischitz
    Distribution Modulo 1 and the Cardinality Gap Phenomenon
  • Bernd Sing
    Exploring the Intersection of the Pieces of Rauzy Fractals
  • Lukas Spiegelhofer, Michael Wallner
    Divisibility of Binomial Coefficients by Powers of Two
  • Štěpán Starosta
    Continued Fractions and Spectra of Certain Operators
  • Paul Surer
    Substitutions, Shifts of Finite Type, and Numeration
  • Jean-Louis Verger-Gaugry
    On Height One Trinomials and Limit Dynamical Zeta Functions
  • Huang Yuke, Wen Zhiying
    The Numbers of Distinct Squares and Cubes in the Tribonacci Sequence