For highschool students

Department of Mathematics of FNSPE CTU in Prague is actively involved in research cooperation with highschools all over the Czech Republic.


We offer a rich list of lectures for highschool seminars (see list of lectures at It is possible to order these lectures also at the occasion of the project One day at Jaderka.

Student research projects

We provide tutors for student research projects (SOČ). Besides topics in mathematics and informatics (see list of SOČ projects at, we are ready to provide tutors for projects with topics invented by the student himself. In such a case the contact person is Ľubomíra Balková

Week of science at Jaderka

At this week, which takes place every year in June, Department of Mathematics propose mathematical and informatical miniprojects.

All pieces of information concerning the cooperation with highschools are at disposal at, whose administration is in a large part guaranteed by Department of Mathematics.

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