Bachelor degree

General information for students of study programmes guaranteed by the Department of Mathematics

The standard length of undergraduate (bachelor) study is 3 years (yet the credit system allows one to complete studies in longer time). The main forms of the study are lectures, seminars, practical classes and consultations. Students pass their exams and receive credit from subjects given by the curriculum.

In the first two years, the students attend general course in Mathematics (levels A, B and C), Informatics and usually in Physics. They obtain essential mindset in calculus, linear algebra and they familiarize themselves with the use of computers and programming. Other courses of mathematical disciplines follow, namely algebra, functional analysis, regular and partial differential equations, numerical methods, probability theory and mathematical statistics. After this, students enrol themselves in other subjects according to the curricula of their specializations.

The undergraduate study finishes with degree examination, which also comprises the defence of the thesis. Upon successful completion of undergraduate studies, the student is awarded the degree Bc. (B.A.). After the admission processing, students may continue their studies on the faculty in a following 2-year Master’s degree programme. In addition, the Master’s degree study is also open to graduates from other colleges. For graduates from our faculty, the admission exams to the Master’s degree programme are ordinarily considered as passed once the student passes the degree examination.

Study programmes at the Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics provides for tuition in the following bachelor’s degree programmes and their specializations:

Students are thoroughly trained in classical and modern parts of mathematics and informatics, including advanced and applied topics. These include universal algebra, functional analysis, mathematical physics, numerical mathematics, probability theory, statistics, and a number of subjects in the field of discrete mathematics and theoretical informatics. In all fields of study, focus is put on applications of the knowledge and solution of problems by means of high end computational resources.

Who takes care of the students?

Many employees of the Department of Mathematics of FNSPE take part in the education of Bachelors in the specializations guaranteed by the DM. Moreover, members of many significant research institutes of The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Institute of Computer Science, Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Institute of Thermomechanics) also contribute considerably. Students have the opportunity to become part of internationally acclaimed research teams of FNSPE and participate in research projects of excellent quality.

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