Master degree

General information for students of specializations guaranteed by the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics guarantees education in four bachelor's and master's degree programs: Mathematical Engineering (MI), Applied Mathematical Stochastic Methods (AMSM), Mathematical Informatics (MINF) and Applied Algebra and Analysis (AAA). Students are thoroughly trained in classical and modern parts of mathematics and computer science, including advanced and application areas. These include general algebra, functional analysis, mathematical physics, numerical mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, and a range of subjects in the field of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science. In all fields, emphasis is placed on the application of acquired knowledge, including problem solving using modern computer technology. Graduates of the MI field will be employed in the mathematical solution of scientific and technical problems. Graduates of the AMSM field will acquire quality theoretical foundations in mathematical and statistical disciplines reflecting modern scientific trends and practical experience in selected areas of applied research. MINF graduates will be employed in the design, analysis and creation of demanding software projects. Graduates of the field (AAA) acquire sufficiently deep knowledge in a number of mathematical disciplines and will be able to apply this knowledge creatively, in solving specific problems, in various fields of science and technology.

Teaching in the master's study is consistently conducted "in science", students in the last two years of study in the subjects Research Task and Diploma Thesis solve problems that most often result from both theoretical and practical problems arising in various fields of science, technology and social practice. .

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